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Jessica is a young woman. Who had an unusual experience when she was little. Jessica was dying of Leukemia. When Santa appeared in her hospital room , and cured her!

No one believed her. But all through the years she believed it. Kristarkon Clausarkar aka Kris is an Alien. Several hundred years before. He and his crew crashed landed in earth.

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Somehow do to the crash, a heard of reindeer was giving the ability to fly! Also Kris and his crew were given special abilities. One of which was healing and long lives. They used the Santa story to help humanity. What a great collection of wonderful stories of Santa's adventures. Which I would recommend for kids ages and for these reasons I felt it needed five stars.

I received this for free and now in return for it, here is my honest review. Great work Arnie! By Angela. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. A beautiful retelling of the Santa Clause story. When young Clause is found by the Master Woodsman, he is taken to the forest of Burzee to be raised and cared for. Clause learns to respect nature and life.

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His adoptive mother is a nymph who cares deeply for him and when Clause becomes a man he journeys into the world from whence he came. Clause settles in a beautiful valley and learns that he has a great talent for making toys. These he begins to make for the children who live in nearby villages, for Clause greatest desire is to make the lives of children happy. The story follows Clause as he discovers new ways to create toys, who to give them to, his first sleigh ride, and the the protection his friends from Burzee afford him.

As Clause's life comes to its close, his friends from Burzee, the immortals, gather together to Available to ship in days. We all know of the kind nature of the Claus family, but who knew that Santa Claus as he came to be was born of a little adventure? Thanks to Bryant's diligent relation of his greatgrandfather's engaging diary, now we have the chance to learn how it happened!

The True Story of Santa Claus. If you like a story-within a story style, mother reading to daughter It explores the life of a young girl coming of age and trying to decipher truth from fiction while also learning life lessons, like why her best friend is pulling away from her and that sometimes, kids can be mean because they are going through painful life struggles they are too afraid to talk about.

There is a twist at the end which ties a link between the story and the protagonist, Darlene's family history!

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Very cool!! Jolly Old Santa Claus. Santa Meets Mrs.

This amazing 5 star short story is a unique version on the tale of Santa Claus! This is not just a happy happy fairy tale that one smiles all the way through, it is a larger view of Good vs Evil in the World. There is a gathering at the North Pole of all the eligible she-wolf shifters, of the world because the eldest son of Santa is coming of age to take his rightful place as new Santa but needs to select his life's mate who will be the next Mrs Claus! Oh, this is very important to everyone besides the Kringle Family and the Elves, because the Christmas Magic is all mixed up in the Santa, his mate, their union and that can affect the Christmas Claus Takes the Reins.

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Claus Takes the Reins" - by susan. This was a really cute children's book. With great illustrations and a cute story line. This has the feel of the night before Christmas With a new twist. How did Santa Claus happen?

Each night two children are told a chapter of a story which involves the nativity and Santa Claus. Strange combination? Nostros declares that this is impossible and trying to fulfill it will doom the elves by destroying their magic. However, the wish can't be taken back because it is now "etched among the stars". Nicholas and Gretchen manage to recruit almost all the elves to help them. Soon they have built a toy factory and gotten to work. Nostros watches from afar, scoffing at their attempt to do the impossible and forbidding Clement from involving himself.

Clement sneaks out to help anyway.

On the big day, Aurora realizes Nicholas will have to be accompanied by a magical expert on his trip. She goes to Nostros, but he refuses. After thinking about it for a while, he changes his mind and goes to the toy factory to help Nicholas. As their voyage around the world ends, Nicholas insists they make a stop at the Angel's Island Orphanage.

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He gives a young boy a knife so that he may whittle toys for the others as Nicholas once did. Once they return to the North Pole, Nostros and the other elves vote to bestow "honorary elfhood" upon the Clauses, making them immortal. Nicholas declares that they shall do this again every year forever and the elves cheer. Tim Curry was working in more voice acting in , also voicing characters in Jumanji and Adventures from the Book of Virtues that year. The special was first broadcast on December 4, on CBS.

John Leonard , writing for New York , called the special "somewhat less animated" than the live action special Mrs. Santa Claus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Crump, The Christmas Encyclopedia , Third ed. The Huffington Post.