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Maria Montessori innovated a child-centered approach to education.

The truth is that we NEED those hard lessons. As much as some of these things actually hurt me in the moment, they also truly helped me grow on some level. Thank you! You taught me to never judge someone only by the outside. You also taught me that there is such a thing as a a back-handed compliment. Because of your lack of compassion and thoroughness, I ended up finding incredible doctors that have done everything in their power and knowledge to treat the thyroid issue that you could have easily found, had you just taken the time to even run a simple blood panel.

Thank you for giving my friends hours of endless entertainment when I share these comments with them. Thank you for having the courage to understand the situation before you made an assumption.

That was the first time that I remember feeling like I could really possibly have a friend in my life. Thank you for helping your child realize that there is nothing wrong with curiosity. You made my day and the world a little better by teaching your child understanding rather than fear. You helped me identify my needs and truly find my limits and teach me that genuine compassion does exist. Thank you for helping me realize that my life is pretty great after all and that I am helping break stereotypes.

You have taught me to do the same about myself and discover that I have so much to offer this world. We all have lessons in life we need to learn. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to learn them in a painful way.

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No one is perfect. We are all here on this earth to teach each other and help each other and grow. We all have gifts and value in the world. During those years before children, much of my free time was spent fretting over little things like: Would the creeping thyme that I planted grow in full sun or would it die? Where would my next travel destination be?

Should we go out to dinner or eat in? By my early 30s, I had a 3-year-old and infant triplets. My life had changed so dramatically from those carefree, childless days that sometimes I was depressed. I had to discover who I was and what I wanted out of life all over again. What my kids have taught me about myself have been monumental. And their ability to bring out the best and the worst in me has, in itself, been an important life lesson. Life as a parent has become increasingly hectic with competitive sports becoming the norm, parents who work long hours to afford nice houses and cars, and an over-reliance on technology keeping us glued to our screens.

All of these things are what make up 21st century living. My children have taught me the importance of slowing down and the importance of play. But when I concede to dropping whatever I am doing and sitting down to play cards, build Legos, or color with my kids, my day gets a little easier. Some days we go outside for a walk or bike ride together, or play hide-and-seek at the local park.

Out of everything I am learning from my kids, this is the biggest struggle for me. It is hard when you are a mom in the monotony of life to live in the moment. To appreciate the moment when that moment is frantically driving kids around to their next extracurricular activity. But the moment is all we have. Kids know how to live in the moment, and they show me every day that I need to stop thinking about what is next on the agenda and enjoy what is happening at that very moment. My phone is my lifeline. By that I mean I work from it, my calendar is on it, I make phone calls with it, and I connect socially using it.

My phone often feels like an addiction that I need to go to rehab for: just as a crack addict needs one more hit of the drug, I feel like I need to look at my phone every minute. Some of my most guilty mom moments are when I realize that my children have been trying to talk to me but I am reading a text or an email, completely shutting them out of my technology bubble. It takes a conscious effort everyday to put the technology down and really appreciate that face-to-face interaction and show the people I love that they have my undivided attention.

Friendships ebb and flow throughout the cycles of life. Marriages fall apart.

Even family feuds can lead to the estrangement of relationships. But we are forever a parent, responsible for loving and caring for another human being, one we brought into this world. Sometimes I wonder how they were born from me since we have such different personalities. Despite anything they ever do or who they become in life, I will always love them because they are my children.

I have learned through having kids that marriage is so much deeper than love and sex and having fun all the time.

Most of us get married because we have common interests with someone, we are sexually attracted to them, we fall in love. After we have kids, perhaps we have to work harder to maintain these components of marriage, but new things become important as well. My husband and I have grown more connected through friendship and teamwork. And because we are in the trenches of parenthood together, there is an allegiance that breeds respect for one another. Before I had kids, life was all about me. I did whatever I wanted, when I wanted to.

I teach my kids about recycling, water conservation, giving to others, sticking up for the underdog, working hard and trying your best. As I teach my kids how to be good citizens of the world, I am also teaching myself.

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Before I had children I thought that having children would complete my life. I thought that it was all I needed to fulfill me as a person. What I learned after having children is that I needed to find my own passions and dreams independent of childrearing. I nurture my personal relationships by going on trips with my husband and friends. My kids are not my whole life, they are a beautiful extension of my life. Parenthood is far more difficult than I anticipated it would be. I have learned that there will be days where I feel like a supermom, and other days I will feel like worst mom in the world.

The beautiful thing is that my kids love me on the good days and the bad days. In that way they have taught me about true love and acceptance.

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