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Parents are required to sign them, and students are to return them to school Monday. Have a conversation with a parent about flower dissection we did in class. What they do not finish in class becomes homework. Due: Monday , December 4 Please be sure to read the Newsletter for this week!

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In class work was to write each word two times. If your student did not complete this it becomes homework. Spelling: Parent give their child a formative spelling assessment to prepare for Spelling Assessment. Due: Tuesday , November 7 Have a wonderful 3 day weekend. Due: Tuesday , October 31 Students were given an opportunity to work on homework in class. Students were given time in class to work on the following homework. Have a great time at the Harvest Carnival I hope to see you there! History: Start to review a little each night for the History assessment that will be Tuesday, October Due: Thursday , October 19 Math: Facts page 3 packet will be collected Thursday after we finish page 4 in class.

This can be written in pencil or pen. Reminder: Thursday is a no homework night.

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No homework will be assigned. Thank you for supporting Rocklin Academy. Due: Monday , October 2 Enjoy a good book! Spelling: Using words write a sentence for each word - review each word for the spelling assessment Friday. Students should be reading nightly. It will be tomorrow.

Parents are to sign the Module 1 Review Worksheet, and students will hand this in tomorrow before the assessment. Please use workbook to review.

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Students are getting a lot of time to work in class. All students must bring in what they. All students should be writing paragraphs. Due: Thursday , September 14 Module 1 Lesson Due: Tuesday , September 12 Module 1 Lesson Due: Thursday , September 7 Module 1 Lesson 9 all.

Due: Thursday , August 31 Parents this is for you to support your student at home in the year long process of reading. My goal is to create a love for reading. Please see attachments. Book reports Language Arts: Students are to share Codex assignment with parents. Due date will be after Friday, September 8th.

Parents please sign the back for student to return to teacher. I model the process of deconstructing comolex texts. Then, I let students practice that skill in small pairs.

Write, Draw, Pass

Finally, we compare our ideas as a whole class to clarify misunderstandings. I hope it helps your readers strategically use group work to develop reading, speaking, and thinking skills in an enagung way. All of these are excellent strategies for supporting ELLs. From day one one students are in our schools to learn content AND language. If we think of our students even in just the first year as being there to learn English and absorb some language as if they were auditing our class then we are doing a major disservice to them.

The whole point of these strategies is to make content comprehensible so that students can access the content. Use of home language L1 becomes a huge asset here. I have been reading this blog for quite a while, so I know that it is not the feeling of the author that students should just sit in class and listen, but the wording used here was very unfortunate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

If you have links to resources that can help schools better serve newcomers, I would love for you to share them with us! Most of them drop out. Rips my heart out that my district blatantly refuses to support these students. This article is spot on. These are the very things I teach our content area teachers.

I think I may just use this article as a resource for them next school year. Hi, thank you for this post, which has been really useful for me to think about in relation to teaching ELL students! One minor thing I wanted to offer here is that El Salvador and Honduras are in what is typically considered to be Central America, and not South America. Every college today has a classroom, which allows students to enhance and maintain their day to day English language learning development. Their required daily journal, will reflect those students whom are able to grow in that practice. What a fantastic article!

I live and work in southern China going on 8 years now and use many of these tactics. All of my students are ELL some speak three or more languages and kind support goes a long way. I often tell my students to use a dictionary to look up words and I have them do pre-work in their first language then, change it over to English. Most of my students speak Mandarin Chinese and there are times that I will make a fun joke or help them with vocabulary in this language.

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Although many people have different ideas about this, I have noticed it has helped me build strong student-teacher relationships and I am learning more and more everyday about the many cultures here. Thank you for another great article! Is there a good place to look for a master list of sentence frames from step 7? I am stressing academic language in discussion with freshman and would love to give them a resource. Hi Chris! I found a few free downloads that may work. Thanks for this article, Jennifer. By providing sentence starters and sentence frames, guiding the discussion, and allowing the use of translators in the classroom, ELLs can contribute almost immediately.

Hi Rochelle!

Thanks for taking the time to come over here and post this. I would love to hear what other teachers of English learners think about this. A month? The supports you listed sound like the kinds of things that could get students comfortable more quickly without undue stress. However, I would like to weigh in on this conversation. I agree with both of your opinions and personally do not feel there is one exact answer but rather a case-by-case approach should be taken.

Let me explain a couple of things that I do every day in my third grade classroom. Often this is one of the few times in the day I can clearly understand them and everyone can hear them! I, of course have the universal sign of approval on, a HUGE smile.